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NiMa Sifnos Residences


Aiming at your best stay experience

We take your vacation rather seriously. The NiMa Sifnos Residences team is always at your side, discretely, to tend to your needs!

Enjoy care-free moments of relaxation and leave all the rest to us. Excursions, transportation, recreation, wellness experiences are just some of what we can do to get you acquainted with the island of Sifnos and collect a heap of unforgettable experiences!

Our team is always at your side, discretely making sure you won’t miss out on anything!


Discover even the most hidden away beauty on the island

Visit idyllic beaches, relish majestic sunsets, tour across picturesque villages on Sifnos in your own vehicle, limitlessly. We ensure your car or bike rental for some unforgettable rides.


On Tselemente’s island, menu options are endless

Scenic small tavernas, impressive awarded restaurants, island chic dining spots. Whatever your choice is, we’re here to guarantee your reservation.


Relax your body and soul. You deserve it.

Wellness and relaxation during your holiday is our priority. A specialised Pilates instructor organises sessions at the garden of Nima Sifnos Residences, with views of the big blue.


Treat yourself on your holiday.

Whether you have an event planned or simply want to indulge in self pampering during your holiday, our team is there to book your manicure/pedicure, hairdresser or make-up appointment.


Get ready for an unforgettable experience in crystal clear waters.

Discover the Aegean blue on a cruise that will stay with you forever. Visit secret Sifnos beaches, get to know even less known Cycladic islands, swim in pristine waters, witness the most magical of sunsets and pack away the best of memories.


We’re here to make your moving around easier.

Your transport from and to the lodge, and everywhere else on the island, is taken upon our team in collaboration with a company. You don’t have to worry for anything!


Rejuvenate yourself with personalised massage techniques, at the comfort of your suite.

Specialised massage therapists take the whole wellness and relaxation experience to a whole new level, whenever you ask for it. Book your appointment at the start or end of a pleasant day on the island and feel new from within.


Exercise while discovering famous Sifnos trails.

NiMa Sifnos Residences’ personal trainer has prepared for you a unique outdoors training experience. Discover the islands’ trails and enjoy beautiful views while exercising, make the most of unique sceneries you won’t find anywhere else and offer yourself a health and energy boost.


Enrich your experiences by taking up the most ancient craft.

Sifnos is the absolute place to join pottery classes and take back with you a unique handcrafted creation that will forever remind you your holiday on the island. A long history and numerous pottery workshops is the ideal setup for our team to plan out your visit for an unforgettable experience in creation and tradition.

Horse riding

Experience a total sense of freedom!

Enjoy unforgettable horse riding routes across the island’s scenic nature trails, guided by experienced instructors.

Take either a relaxed ride, exploring renowned Sifnos trails or, if you wish, replenish your downtime by taking up horse riding classes on the island – whichever the case, it can be tailor-made to your level of familiarity by experts!